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Absorbents Cotton Bandages, Adhesive Plasters and Tapes, Adhesives, Airway and Oxygen Supplies, Aluminum Oxygen Valves, Anaesthesia and Breathing Circuits, Anaesthesia Consumable Products, Anaesthesia Disposable Products, Anesthesia Accessories, Auto-Disable Syringes, AV Fistula Needles, Bags and Cases, Bandages, Biomedical Supplies, Biopsy Needles, Blood Collecting Accessories, e.g. Tourniquet, Blood Collection Bags, Blood Transfusion Sets, Bloodline Systems, Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles, Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles, Breathing Circuits and Accessories, Capsicum Plaster, Cardiac Disposable Products, Cardiac Interventional Products, Casting Tapes, Catheterization therapy Disposables, Catheters and Tubes, Consumable Supplies, Contrast Agent Injectors, Cord Clamp, Cotton Products, Cotton Wool, CPAP / BiPAP Masks, CPAP / BPAP Circuits and Accessories, Dental Needles, Dialysis Fluids / Consumables, Disinfection Supplies, Disposable & Reusable Products for Anaestesia, Disposable and Reusable electrodes, Disposable Medical Dressings, Disposable Plastic Medical Products, Disposable Products, Disposable Spinal Anaesthesia Needles, Disposable Sterile Custom Made Procedure Packs, Disposable Syringes, Disposables for Dialysis Therapy, Disposables for Urology Therapy, Dressings, ECG Electrodes, EEG Electrodes, Elastic Bandages, Elastic Plaster, Electrodes, Electrosurgical Pad, Embolectomy and Occlusion Catheters, Emergency Medical Supplies, Endoscopic Supplies, Endotracheal Tubes, Extension Tubing with Three Way Stopcock, Fixation Plaster, Gauze and Bandages, Gauze Swabs, Haemodialysis Catheters, Hollow Fiber Dialyzers, Hospital Consumables, Hospital Holloware, Hot Water Bottles, Hydrocolloids, Hypodermic Syringes and Needles, I.V. Cannula, I.V. Catheter, I.V. Serum Bags, I.V. Stand Supports, Imaging Supplies, Infusion and Transfusion, Infusion Ports, Infusion Sets, Infusion Stands, Injectors, Insufflator Gas Filters, Insulin Syringes, Intravenous Cannula, IV Cannula with Injection Port, IV Infusion Sets, Laryngeal Masks, Laryngectomy Tubes, Latex Folley Catheter, Tracheal Tube, Liquid Handling Pipettes, Long Term Catheters, Medical Material, Medical Temperature Probes, Multipurpose Drainage Catheter, Nasal O2 Cannula, Needle Safety Products, Needle-Free Injection Systems, Needles, Neonatalogy Supplies, Neurodiagnostic Accessories, Neurodiagnostic Supplies, Non Invasive Ventilation Masks, Non-PVC Bag and Film, Non-Woven Swabs, Operating Room Procedure Packs, Operating Theatre Supplies, Ophthalmic Supplies, Ophthalmic Surgery Disposables, Optical Accessories, Orthopaedic Synthetic Casting Tapes, Ostomy Products, Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy Products, Oxygen Bottles, Oxygen Mask with Tubing, Oxygen Masks, Oxygen Therapy Disposables, Pen Needles (6, 8, 12mm), Percutaneous Tracheostomy Set, Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters, Pipette Tips, Plastic Components for Medical Disposables, Plastic Disposable Items for Hospitals, Pleural Drainage System, Port Catheters, Port-Needles, PTCA Balloon Catheter, Pulsoximetry Sensors, Pumps, Resuscitators, Reusable Cold/Hot Packs, Reusables, Safety IV Catheters, Safety Lancet, Safety Syringe, Scalp Vein Infusion Sets, Scalp Vein Sets – Vein Set with Vacutainer Needle, Silicone and PVC Tubes, Silicone Corrugated Tubing, Silicone Drainage System, Silicone Products, Silicone Resuscitators, SP02 Cables, SP02 Sensors, Spinal Needle, Stainless Steel Halloware, Sterilants, Sterile Bag and Pouch, Sterile Dressing Packs, Sterile Sets, Sterile Syringe, Sterile Wound Dressings, Sterilisation Containers, Stopcocks, Surgical Dressings and Bandages, Surgical Plasters, Surgical Scrub Brush, Swabs (alcohol swabs, trans swabs, plain swabs), Syringes, Temporary Pacing Catheters, TENS Electrodes, Three-way Stop Cocks, Tourniquet (Automatic and Manual), Tourniquet Cuffs (Single and Double), Tracheostomy Tubes and Accessories, Transfusion Sets, Tubes, Urine Bags, Urodynamic Catheters, Urology Disposables, Urology Products, Vacuette – Blood Collection System, made out of pl, Wound Care Products, Wound Drainage Systems
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